Who We Are

Automax is the perfect junction to meet every need of a premium sector car. Being first of its kind in Coimbatore, it enables the customer to experience the best mechanical services, car accessories and car detailing all under the same roof. Location of the company enhances easy accessibility for quick service.

Our Services

  • brake-service
  • engine
  • inspection
  • tyre services

Mechanical Services

Automax is the most trustworthy option for expert maintenance, repair and retrofitting. We have a multi-brand workshop providing all necessary supplies required for latest cars with advanced technologies. Automax proves to give higher quality service than a general workshop. Quality credits are given to the modern and highly sophisticated equipments that identify and rectify the issues with high efficiency. Service rendered using this facility solves the problems of the car and gives a long-lasting life to the cars.

Car Accessories

  • car_lock
    July 19, 2017
    This system gives the best security to the car against thieves and damages. The majorly noted features are Central locking system, remote locking, alarm systems, motion […]
  • car_wheel
    July 19, 2017
    A compulsory component of the exteriors to give a dashing look is alloy wheels. It is made to be light and durable. It is used for […]
  • jeep_bumper
    July 19, 2017
    The bumper is required for the safety of the driver and passengers during collisions. It also contributes to the aesthetics. This service provides imported bumpers of […]
  • car_lights-horn
    July 19, 2017
    The main aspects of driving are the light and horn. Bulbs, fog lamps and under car lightings are offered.

Brands we deal with

  • Audi car service
  • Mercedes Benz car service
  • BMW car service
  • jaguar car service
  • car_lamborghini
  • car_ferrari_services
  • Toyota car service
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