Car Detailing

Car Exteriors


The major service done for the exterior of the vehicle is polishing to protect the body from UV rays. Car paint alone cannot protect from UV rays. Sun exposure and weather conditions damage the paint and also etch it from mostly exposed area making the scars very prominent. Car wash alone cannot solve the problem. UV treatment protects the original paint. The protective coat keeps the paint away from bird dropping mark, natural calamities and easy cleaning. Paint sealant treatment is used to overcome all the exterior problems and give it a long-lasting shine of a new car. This treatment removes scratches and gives new look improving the durability. Trizact treatment removes the scratches, oxidation and unwanted stains. The painted surface is enhanced and cleaned well. The foaming treatment cleans the tires and wheel arches, tar removal and clay wiping. Finally, a high gloss shine is given. Paint oxidation leads to removal of vital oils which must be replaced in order to reduce the fading of the paint.

Interior Cleaning


Cleaning to a layman generally refers to keeping the exteriors neat but what is more important is to keep the interior clean and germ free since most of the customer time is spent in close contact with the interiors. Apart from driving through muddy water, unmaintained roads and polluted traffic, germs enter the car due to customer habits as well. The interiors have to be cleaned to ensure safe health of the driver and passengers. Antimicrobial substances are used to clean the interiors and keep it healthy. This foam based solution cleans both fabric surfaces and plastic surfaces. Along with this action, various easily visible stains and dust are also removed to look clean. This treatment gives good aesthetic sense reducing the contamination of interiors. It also keeps the glass and windshields very tidy. This treatment cleans the seat, floor and roof of the car. Keeps all interior related compartments clean.

Car Underbody


The underside of the car is kept in good condition by avoiding rusting and silencer problems. Most of the problems of the underside are left unnoticed and hence cause trivial damages to the car. The underbody treatment gives a strong hold to the undersides of the car. A hard coating is given to the underside of the car that protects it from further damage. It resists all attacks from the road, chips and dirty water. It protects the underbody from physical damages.



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