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Automax is the most trustworthy option for expert maintenance, repair and retrofitting. We have a multi-brand workshop providing all necessary supplies required for latest cars with advanced technologies. Automax proves to give higher quality service than a general workshop. Quality credits are given to the modern and highly sophisticated equipments that identify and rectify the issues with high efficiency. Service rendered using this facility solves the problems of the car and gives a long-lasting life to the cars

Workshop Services

All major mechanical services are provided in this facility

Overall Inspection and Maintenance

All the components that make up the car are inspected with precision to spot changes and deviations. Immediate services and maintenance are done to solve the problems that may have gone unnoticed. Major works like exhaust system, shock absorbers, toothed belt replacement and many other works are done.

Engine Service

Vital engines services are done by checking oil filter and engine oil every 10000km and replacing the parts as required. To keep the engine running well, special systems are used to diagnose and identify the problem to come up with expert solutions. Diesel engines also face problems that can be repaired easily. Prominent changes in the engine are diagnosed and repaired using high-tech equipments.

Brake Service

The key part of the vehicle being the brake is maintained and serviced to provide smooth driving. All the components are checked to promise safety. The new gen equipments and efficient spare parts used for service ensure a safe drive post service.

Electronic System Service

The battery is checked, serviced and replaced if necessary. Major problems related to electronic failure indicated by a warning lamp is identified and rectified from the source with the help of modern equipments.

Tyre Service

All tyre related services are done with expert dexterity that include cleaning, tyre change, balancing, alignment and pressure maintenance. The alignments are checked before fitting new tyres.

Mechanical System Services

Problems concerning mechanical systems can be dealt with by using spare parts of original standards. Latest equipments are used to test the vehicle components and qualified workers give expert technical job. Major works like exhaust system, shock absorbers, toothed belt replacement and many other works can be done. When one of the mufflers or both are defective, higher fuel consumption is noted along with long-term engine damage. Constant vibration and exposure to external forces lead to corrosion, holes or cracking occurs during course of time. Shock absorbers must not be older than 10 years or more than 150000 km. Braking distance becomes 20% longer and tire wear occurs along with reduction in adhesion and impair cornering stability when dampers are defective. It also results in failure of ABS and ESP.

AC Service

Air conditioning system is serviced properly to maintain a constant temperature inside the vehicle and to avoid dust and bad odour. Refrigerant and compressor oil are checked. Leak test, pressure test and cabin filter replacement are done.

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